Nativescript-socketio causes build failure on {N}3.1.3



@triniwiz, after adding nativescript-socketio ,my App fails to build so i tried removing it and the App bulds and runs fine on android Nativescript Version 3.1.3!! if i clone any old version {N} like 2 project, it installs and builds fine :frowning: ,also if i add to my project which is old(ver 0.7) it runs fine but, it only receives once during onNavigatedTo !! after that it wont receive any messages :disappointed_relieved: is it how {N} behaves to run JS code once? please help @bradwaynemartin


hi guys, i solved the problem, i was using the wrong listener

io.on('msg',function(){});//which should run once after connection DUH!!
//instead for
io.on('message',funtion(){});//which listens forever!!

am using Naderio’s