Nativescript Sidekick - Upload step started


Hi, I have a problem deploying my apps to devices. Always stay in the same step and not follow to the next step:

[18-06-08 12:04:16.883] (CLI) Skipping prepare.
[18-06-08 12:04:16.888] Prepare step completed.
[18-06-08 12:04:17.906] Upload step started.

Upload step always keeps, no progress.

I’ve trying uninstalling Sidekick, but problem keep.

Thanks a lot.


Hello @codealvarez,

This sounds a lot like the following Sidekick issue. We are currently investigating the problem and attempt to reproduce it.

Can you please capture a Sidekick log as explained in this comment and share it with us? I recommend that you send the logs in a newly created GitHub issue in the Sidekick Feedback repository or in a new comment inside the already existing issue mentioned above.

Thank you!