Nativescript Sidekick ECONNRESET error on start up on Windows 10


I just updated the CLI to the latest for the NativeScript Sidekick because it told me to.
I went to start up SideKick on my machine (Windows 10), and I keep getting a error notification saying “Error read ECONNRESET”. Not sure what the issue is. I uninstalled SideKick and reinstalled it and I even restarted my computer. Anyone know what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance.


Any luck on this? If not you might want to try deleting these two directories (with Sidekick closed):




I have not. I did not know that was an option with NativeScript. I know there was stuff in the AppBuilder folder when we were using that. I will give that a try, thanks for the advice. I thought maybe those folders might have been removed or at least overwritten by an uninstall and reinstall. I will give it a try.