Nativescript shadow for button


Hello all,

I want to implement shadow property for text and button. After research I found out that there is a plugin and can be only used for label attribute. Is there any way if I can implement shadow for button as well or ( Layouts).

Thanks in advance.


Which plugin you are trying to use?


Im assuming you read this post:
also you can use this plugin:


Thank you @manojdcoder and @marko89. I happened to use this plugin NativeScript CardView :diamonds::clubs:️ where I can bring in those shadow effects.


cardview plugins rocks… did you make it work on plain vanilla?


Whatever mode of development you may choose, TypeScript / Angular / Vue end of the day it’s just plain JavaScript shipped into app. So any plugin / component must work with Vanilla JavaScript before it does with other libraries / frameworks.


my problem is the plugin is written for ng and all instructions are for ng, =(