Nativescript RadListView implement infinity scrolling - just triggered once


I need to provide infinity scrolling for the app, I used ListView directly, and the loadMoreItems event worked perfectly. But now, I want to use RadListView, but I noticed that loadMoreDataRequested event just triggered once. This means, when user first got this event, I updated the data items, and UI refreshed, but then user continue to scroll, the loadMoreData event is no longer triggered. Any solution for this?

I used this:

<RadListView row="1" [items]="rssItems"
    visibility="{{loading ? 'collapse':'visible'}}"




Then in TS;

public loadMoreItemsForRadList(args: ListViewEventData){
                var listView: RadListView = args.object;
                this.rssService.nextSearchPageFor(this.rssType, this.selectedBooks,
                    [this.selectedDateOption, this.selectedDate1, this.selectedDate2],
                    items => {
                        this.rssItems = items;

                    this.rssService.nextPageFor(this.rssType, items => {
                        this.rssItems = items;



But the onScrollEnded() method has never been triggered.

Can anyone suggest the working sample code for RadListView’s infinity scrolling solutions?



figured out, having run this method after setting data;