NativeScript notified by PHP



What’s the best solution for PHP send a notification to NativeScript, without need a continuously refreshing?

Nic Raboy reported me to use for use Firedatabase (PHP => Firedatabase => NativeScript), but there’s no internet connection. I would enjoy a direct solution.



What you mean by continuously refreshing ? Or you want to send notification directly by PHP ? and not via firebase ?


Continuosly refreshing:

while ( 1 ) {
http.request({ url: “”, method: “GET” }).then(function (response) {
// …



That code would just block the UI thread


I tried create a tcpServer and send a tcp socket from PHP to NativeScript using this pugin:

but, its only works with TypeScript (i’m verry noob in this language) and there’s a bug on plugin that stop work.


Yes, I think you understood what I wanted to do.


You can use PHP Socketio on your PHP server,

And use Socketio client on nativescript side


Thank you very much!! I’ll test your solution, I’ll give you a quick feedback.


A BIG thanks for this contrib. This solve my problem, PHP send to SocketIO (nodejs) notfy that redirect to nativescript!