Nativescript-geolocation - Disabled alerts


Hello everyone,

I ran into something that seems unsolvable and i thought someone might have an idea.

Here is the context :

Which platform(s) does your issue occur on?

Please provide the following version numbers that your issue occurs with:
CLI: 3.1.1
Cross-platform modules: 3.1.0
Runtime(s): unknown
Plugin(s): nativescript-geolocation 3.0.0

Here is the problem. I want to know the user location so i use “enableLocationRequest” to ask for permission. In some occasions, i have the “disable alerts from this site” checkbox that appears in the alert.

If the user checks it, i’m not able to ask for location again. Even if i close and reopen the app, it doesn’t show. If i uninstall and install the app again, it’s ok.

As the checkbox is a feature from the browser, i have no way to disable it (or it would be useless). So i was wondering if i could use something else to ask for permissions instead of native alerts (something like a home made alert), or if there was another solution.

If anyone has an idea, it’d be more than welcome.