NativeScript Feedback plugin


Hi, guys! Has anyone knows how to use this nativescript-feedback plugin?

I’m trying to use it in a Vue project. I followed the tutorial as for how to use plugins that don’t demand XML tags. So, after installing via npm, I added this in my SFC script tag:

const FeedbackPlugin = require("nativescript-feedback");

Then, in my data property:

data() {
  return {
    feedback : new FeedbackPlugin.Feedback(),

On my terminal:

npm run clean

Then I built the project but the plugin doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!


How do you actually use the feedback property? There must be a{..}) somewhere… and if you have that: what’s actually the error you’re seeing?


Hi, @Eddy. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’m using on my method, like this:{
   message: this.errors[this.errors.length-1],
   messageSize: 14,
   type: FeedbackType.Warning,

After doing another npm run clean the plugin is working now. However, this keep poping on my console:

ERROR in app.ios.js from UglifyJs
Unexpected token: name (Feedback) [app.ios.js:13341,6]

It seems to be a problem related to the parsing of the final bundle.