NativeScript Expert for Printer integration


Looking for NativeScript developer to develop a very simple app at this stage.
I’m trying to import a jar file in my Nativescript - AngularJS project. For that first I’ve created a package by following the tutorial - The sdk jar am trying to use is This is a printer sdk and i would like to call print function with parameter “PDF path” (pdf file may reside in server).

After that in my print.ts file, I need to import that package and able to call the function by passing a parameter “PDF Path”. Along with pdf path, capture params like IP address (though it is a network printer, we need to pass the IP address).

Printer MODEL : QL-720NW

The task is to build and deliver, print.ts without any errors, to be completed before 27th March, 2018.

You could send the proposal to mail id with time and cost esmitate.


Hi Arun,

I could help you out on this task.
I have sent you an email

Best Wishes,


Thanks andrews, i have been waiting for your mail. Please get me your time and cost estimate ASAP.


Hi Andrews,

Any updates?


hii @arunwrc,
Do you still require tns dev or work has been completed?