Hi All,
My exoplayer is not working .
If anyone have worked on it and is working fine , pls help me too


Hey @mukku and welcome to the forums!

Please be more specific when requesting help, or asking questions. ‘X is not working’ is not very helpful. Consider specifying the platform [iOS/Android], version of the plugin, HOW you are using the plugin, WHAT the error is/ WHAT the behavior is?


sorry for my mistakes,

my platform is ios
“nativescript-exoplayer”: “^3.3.2”,

i am working on angular + nativescrpt


Is there code related to using the exoplayer?


In html,

    <exoplayer *ngIf="!!signVideo" [width]='videoWidth' [height]='videoHeight' [src]="signVideo" controls="true"></exoplayer>

in component,

import {registerElement} from “nativescript-angular/element-registry”;
registerElement(“exoplayer”, () => require(“nativescript-exoplayer”).Video);


Are you sure you are sending right video file, did you verify the path?




As you are using a remote video, did you test whether a local video or the default remote video shown in example works?


i am trying to play a video which was recorded in the app itself.

i also tried with local video , but that too didnt work


Your logs look like you are using remote video. Can you try uploading a sample project where we can see the issue?


i have done a sample project


You are using an invalid path, it supposed to be ~/video/abc.mp4

Note: Please try to be more specific when you face any issues, try to share the code snippet and more importantly don’t paste logs as screenshot, make it as text.