Nativescript dropdown question


Hello guys I have code here:

             <GridLayout   col="1"  columns="40,*,auto" class="right">
                <Label col="0" class="ab_headline_num" text="Length"  />
                <dd:DropDown col="1" id="filter-dd" color="black" items="{{ states }}"
                             selectedIndex="{{ index }}"
                             opened="dropDownOpened" closed="dropDownClosed"
                <Label col='2' class='ab_dropdown-arrow' style="color: #8F8F8F;" text="&#xf0d7;" />

state = [‘test’, ‘teśssssssssssssssssssss’, ‘test2’];
I would like GridLayout with class ‘right’ to ove to the right edge of the screen, and the items in dropdown to auto resize based on the length of text, how can I do this on IOS???


Set horizontalAlignment to right, that pulls any component to right corner of the screen and it should auto grow based on text length.


thanx but I already tried that, it wont wok it will cut long text inside of dropdown :frowning: