NativeScript Drawer Navigation Template- how to change page name


I just created a new app using the NativeScript Sidekick using the template “Drawer Navigation”. It comes with some blank pages, and I would like to change one called “browse” to “gallery”. I am having a hard time finding all of the files that refer to the browse page that I need to change to gallery. Thanks!


If you are using the default template, to update sidebar checkout the app-root.xml file and the action bar is placed in each page so checkout browse/browse-page.xml


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I don’t see any .xml files. I am also using Angular/Typescript if that makes a difference. Here’s a screenshot of what I have inside the browse folder. Thanks!41%20PM


If you are using Angular, it’s the html file - that’s the basic difference and app-root will be app.component here.


Thanks for the response. Is this all I need to modify to change browse to gallery? I see a lot of other variables with the word browse in other files that seem to be associated with it. I would like to replace all those names to gallery instead but maybe it would be easier to change the bare minimum. Thanks for the help!