NativeScript consultant wanted (remote)


Hi! I got a request from a company in Denmark to help them get started with NativeScript. Unfortunately I’m over my head with work myself. Anyone interested?

This is the message I received:
We are a web-agency, we do e-commerce for some of the largest retailers in Denmark, and we are looking to expand into native Apps with NativeScript. We have experienced Angular developers already, but I’m looking for someone to help us get started the right way. Someone who can teach us the do’s and dont’s, how to handle sourcecontrol, deployment, debugging etc. And how to build a solid architecture for Apps… Anyways, I’m hoping you could be that person, or could give me some pointers. Maybe its a freelance job for a couple of months, maybe you can consult os a on a weekly basis, or whatever the best model is. Would you be open to something like that? If you would, or need to know more, lets arrange a time where we can talk.


Hi Rowdy,

I have good experience of native app development and I can assist you with your next project. Please let me know if you are looking for the developer. Please get me in contact so that we will discuss more.



hii @rowdy,

if you are still looking for consultant then i’m more than happy to work with you. you can reach me at