NativeScript Consultancy



I am still struggling with getting a NativeScript project started. The system at its essence is a CRUD system. I have had many false starts and each time I get to the point of adding real-world data volumes the app gets unresponsive or completely crashes. I believe in the potential of NativeScript and am sure it is something conceptually that I am missing due to my self-taught limited mobile knowledge.

I am looking for a consultant that can work with me for 1-2 days to look at the code I have created and help me to overcome my stumbling block and get a solid foundation to build the rest of the app on top of. If this is this something that you can offer please be in contact with me, either via this forum or

Thank you in advance,



Pls do register for the course at Very useful and an insight on how NativeScript works.


hii @dvaid-quadpro,
do you still need help?