Nativescript-cardview problem don't work


hi all,
on my app nativescript 4.0.1 and Angular, I try to install nativescript-cardview…

In my app.component.ts

import { registerElement } from ‘nativescript-angular/element-registry’;
registerElement(‘CardView’, () => require(‘nativescript-cardview’).CardView);

When i launch on android

Why? Can you help me? Thank’s in advanced. Marco.


This kind of message usually appears when you add a plugin which has a native dependency, but NativeScript doesn’t detect it properly, so there is no Gradle build that installs the dependency. You can try to remove platforms directory and tns run android again, or simply tns run android --clean

If this does not work, please take a look at these issues:


Thank’s It Works great! Fantastic!