Nativescript Calendar: Label inside Cell in month view



HI there,
am planning to switch from ionic framework to NativeScript and i started testing and playing with it since i already have typescript background so it makes sense to me
but i have a question regarding radcalendar plugin
i need to populate a calendar with extra label in each cell in month view
is that possible here what do i need to do to get it done ive searched alot for that and didnt find any thing
in angular i already have a plugin but ofc its html which i cant make it work here since i want the native thing not the web

so if any body can help me ill really appreciate it
regards guys and good luck


Customizing renderers are possible but not a feature inbox within plugin now.

A good example for Android can be found here

For iOS you can override TKCalendarDelegate with calendarUpdateVisualsForCell, you may go through the Telerik iOS docs / TypeScript definitions to crack this further.