Nativescript build fails in android


getting error while building a android project using naivescript
this is the error thrown:
Unable to apply changes on device: 015d4bdb1d23ee0d. Error is: Command gradlew.bat failed with exit code 1.
Though evrything was working perfectly fine just after i installed the app in ios and then tried back in android…it crashed.
Tried to resolve by deleting platform,node_modules,hooks folder and rebuild again but no help

Please suggest


Error thrown:

Could not compile script ‘D:\signature-project1\node_modules\nativescript-signaturepad\platforms\android\include.gradle’.

startup failed:
script ‘D:\signature-project1\node_modules\nativescript-signaturepad\platforms\android\include.gradle’: 1: Invalid variable name. Must start with a letter but was: ?
. At [1:1] @ line 1, column 1.
?//default elements