Nativescript-bottom-bar not working


I cannot get any NPM packages to work other than nativescript-drop-down which is working fine.

After adding the NPM nativescript-bottom-navigation I get an error trying to run the app. I have tried various bottom navigation NPM packages and they all fail with similar errors.

<Page xmlns="" loaded="pageLoaded" class="page" xmlns:bottomNav="nativescript-bottom-navigation">

	<GridLayout columns="60, auto, *" rows="60, auto, *" width="230" height="230" backgroundColor="lightgray">
		<StackLayout orientation="vertical" width="210" height="210" backgroundColor="lightgray">
			<Label text="Label 1" width="70" height="50" backgroundColor="red" />
			<Label text="Label 2" width="70" height="50" backgroundColor="green" />
			<Label text="Label 3" width="70" height="50" backgroundColor="blue" />
			<Label text="Label 4" width="70" height="50" backgroundColor="yellow" />
		<bottomNav:BottomNavigation activeColor="green" inactiveColor="red" backgroundColor="black" keyLineColor="black"
			<bottomNav:BottomNavigationTab title="First" icon="ic_home"></bottomNav:BottomNavigationTab>
			<bottomNav:BottomNavigationTab title="Second" icon="ic_view_list"></bottomNav:BottomNavigationTab>
			<bottomNav:BottomNavigationTab title="Third" icon="ic_menu"></bottomNav:BottomNavigationTab>

Below is a screen grab of the error from Preview on IOS.


It looks like you are trying to use it in Playground.

NativeScript playground does not support the plugins which require the use of external android libs/ iOS cocoapods, because they require the app to be recompiled.


@multishiv19 is right, please try the implementation in you machine.