Nativescript autocomplete in ios crash


Hi all am trying to achieve an autocomplete using nativescript for a project. It was working fine with nativescript-pro-ui, but i updated that plugin to nativescript-ui-autocomplete. Afterwards it begins to crash whenever i try to invoke that in ios, it works fine in android.Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Hi @arunwrc
Have you updated your import statements after installing nativescript-ui-autocomplete ?
if you are using NativeScript Angular,
the import statement should look like this
import { NativeScriptUIAutoCompleteTextViewModule } from "nativescript-ui-autocomplete/angular";

If you are using NativeScript Core,
In the xml import, make sure you used nativescript-ui-autocomplete in place of nativescript-pro-ui


thanks for the reply @multishiv19, but i tried out the way you suggested, thanks again