Nativescript angular docs


Is anyone else having trouble getting to the Angular docs?


Yes, I too not able to access.

@roblauer @jen.looper @tjvantoll Tagging you guys hoping you might be able to direct this issue to right person.


Thanks for the ping @manojdcoder. We’re looking into this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Appreciate you and team for the immediate action.


Should be fixed now: If you notice anything else off please let me know.


Apparently, there are still some paths not working in the Angular documentation.

On this page:

If you click any of the UI widget paths they point to:


I’m sorry, you are facing issues. I tried now and it seems to be working. It scrolls down to correct widget when I click. Do you want to check again and lets know.


Well, the links at the top work, but if you go to the WebView or Button or whatever, there is a link in that text about the item and it points to a page that isn’t there. Maybe they aren’t supposed to be links?


Now I got which link you are talking about, I guess it suppose not to be a link. You may ignore that.

@roblauer / @tjvantoll Just brining it to your notice.


Thanks @manojdcoder! And appreciate the heads up @bradrice. In the future you can report these as issues on the docs GitHub repo. I went ahead and created an issue for this one so it doesn’t get lost: