Nativescript angular buggy


If i add plugin to tns. Nothing works untill i remove/add platform android. Sometimes I change my project and in console I see that it is refreshed but no changes applied. On the whole nativescript seemed to me to be very unstable. I have to remove/add platform all the time.


You have to remove/add the platform after every plugin install, but otherwise I haven’t had to deal with it.

Often times LiveSync will fail after a few automatic change detection updates. Whenever LiveSync stops working (even if the icon still shows in Sidekick) I find the quickest way to resume work is to unplug the Android device, reconnect, and redeploy.

For iOS the failures are generally more serious and I often have to uninstall the app and unplug to get LiveSync working again.

It’s not that bad once you get into a groove, but the learning curve is very steep. Good luck!