NativeScript And Font Awesome - Burke Holland


In this short video, I’ll show you how to add the Font Awesome icon font to a NativeScript application, how to search for icons you need, and the right escape sequences to get those icons working in NativeScript.


I have followed this tutorial but i do not get the same result.

I am with nativescript and angular 2, I have my app/fonts folder with the fonts.ttf but when I try in a label it puts me ? char can you help me?

Thanks !


Is the name of your font file actually “fonts.ttf”? The name of that file is important.


2 other things you might want to explore:


Yes is the same name, I wrote wrong is like in the next images:

I have followed the tutorials that you shared to me, including the plugin but I still without good results.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot !


Can you share a repo?


It is a private repo, but i will clone this parts to share you, please wait me and thanks a lot !


I was cloning the special parts to share the repo an I see that the problem was in the side drawer telerik ui, for one reason in this component my font is not visible.

In the rest of the app I can use this font for icons only on sidedrawer not.

thanks a lot @wwwalkerrun !


Awesome great to hear!