NativeScript Advanced Setup: Windows issue at step 5


Hello there,

trying to follow the to install android emulator. I was forced to stopped at
step 5:Install all packages for the Android SDK Platform 25, Android SDK Build-Tools 25.0.2 or later, Android Support Repository, Google Repository and any other SDKs that you may need. You can alternatively use the following command, which will install all required packages.

“%ANDROID_HOME%\tools\bin\sdkmanager” “platforms;android-25” “build-tools;25.0.2” “extras;android;m2repository” “extras;google;m2repository”

error popup: Warning: File C:\Users\\repositories.cfg could not be loaded.

question is the repositories.cfg as I check not in that folder. what is missing from the step 1-4 installation. why this is missing, and as said, previous 4 steps are all confirmed done installation.

any idea from support team



@peter.kanev, any idea here?


Nevermind Jen, I have it fixed.

thanks anyway.


This is the problem I’m having, please tell me how to solve it


Refer to the answer in