Nativescript-accelerometer UI issue in iOS NG application


I’m attempting to use the nativescript-accelerometer plugin to do a simple level app demonstration in Nativescript Angular.

The issue I’m running into is that the UI binding doesn’t seem to update on iOS (works great on Android). The values are coming in great from the plugin but the UI doesn’t update when bound to a local variable that is set to the x, y, z values as they come in.

One (potentially) important thing I’ve noticed is that the values will update on iOS if the device rotation changes. But only once.

Here is the demo application I made to test this out. There’s two pages; one with just a simple binding to a few labels in the ui and another with a little more complex usage of the values that moves a bubble on the screen for a level.

Note: This app is not 3.0 currently.


Some further investigation has revealed that this happens with a Plain Awesome NativeScript app as well (I tested with the built in demo). It does not appear to be specific to Angular

I also submitted an issue on the github repository.


This issue has been resolved see this issue on GitHub.