Nativescript 4.0 Frame


I see that Frame works now much better.
We can have Tabview,that is a root of current view.

<TabView androidTabsPosition="bottom">
    <TabViewItem title="First">
        <Frame defaultPage="home/home-page" />
    <TabViewItem title="Second">
        <Frame defaultPage="second/second-page" />

This looks like home-page or second-page is “included”.

Now, i’m wondering if it’s possible to have app-root.xml that holds common elements, and needed page is included. I’ve tried this, but this is not working (why? This approach is possiblr only for tabview and sidedrawer ?)


    <Frame defaultPage="create/create"></Frame>


<StackLayout class="footer white">
            <Label text="test"></Label>