NativeScript 3.1 - Elements Tab - Debugger


Afternoon all

Has anyone got this working yet?

I have updated to 3.1 globally and in my local project, however my Elements Tab is still blank.

I’m using Windows 10 with using Android Studio.



@AlvSovereign are you using the 3.1 Android runtime? Mind you, the feature is now yet available for iOS, but we are actively working on the iOS support for the 3.2 NativeScript release.


HI @Pete.K

I am.

I’ll try starting a project from scratch to see if it’ll help.



The only 2 requirements to start debugging with the Elements Panel in Chrome DevTools are the android-runtime of version 3.1+ and tns-core-modules also 3.1+ since the DevTools foundation was just laid down in the latest release of the cross-platform modules.