Native script windows installation with config already set up?



What would be the best way to just install Native Script for someone who already has all the SDKs and paths set up?

I wanted to give Native Script a try, moving from Ionic. That means that I already have everything set up as I like it to be (SDKs, paths, emulators, etc…).

I find it annoying that NS installation forced me to re-download everything, changed my paths, in order to get tns doctor to report me that there were no issues found.

I had my fair share of troubles and headaches using chocolatey, and in the end I figured out the safest way to set everything up in Windows is by hand. I’ve seen the advanced installation guide, but everything is kind of confusing. I mean, tns doctor is going to report errors if I don’t do everything from the automatic installer.

How important are those errors, can I just install everything I like and set paths and expect NS to run just by installing the CLI?


you can install all of it by yourself but about those errors can you put output here too ?


Can’t right now cause I already have everything set up but I’ll do a fresh install on new drive tomorrow (the way I want) and I’ll report back. Thanks for reply :wink:


I believe that the problem that was reported was me not having the latest version of build tools (23.0.3).
Installed that, all good now