Namespace has no exported member


onLogin(eventData: Facebook.LoginEventData) {
if (eventData.error) {
alert("Error during login: " + eventData.error);
} else {
appSettings.setString(“access_token”, eventData.loginResponse.token);

thats my code its throws the following error

file: 'file:///c%3A/Users/nelson%20william/Groceries/app/pages/login/login.component.ts’
severity: 'Error’
message: 'Namespace ‘“c:/Users/nelson william/Groceries/node_modules/nativescript-facebook/index”’ has no exported member ‘LoginEventData’.'
at: '32,30’
source: ‘ts’

ny ideas on that


I can’t really figure out the error but i’ll give it a try.
By Reading the error message i assume that "LoginEventData" requires the word"export" behind it.
I am assuming that LoginEventData is a method, so when you define this method write behind the method declaration export and give it a go.