Multi page registration form problem



here im splitting registration into usercreation, userdetails, useraddress, backenddetails.

in each of these page im giving 2 buttons ‘next’ and ‘back’

if press back


if press next

        moduleName: "views/user/signup/userdetails",
        backstackVisible: true,
        animated: true,
        transition: {
            name: "slide",
            duration: 300,
            curve: "linear"

and after registration im navigating to login.

now lets say, i went from usercreation ----> userdetails then if i enter back button ill come back to usercreation and all data i have entered earlier is retained.

but now if i go forward again to userdetails page, all data i entered will be lost. again i need to enter data.

please guide me to create multi page registration form… so that even if im in last registration page, and i want to modify some data in page 1 , then i should be able to modify and come back to page 4 without data loss.


That’s the expected behaviour with pages, use carousel kind of layout or store your data in a global view model so you won’t loose it.