Manual ViewController Navigation, possible?


You know how some apps allow you to navigate by dragging the new ViewController up with your thumb, then if you pass a certain threshold it takes over and activates the new view…

I’m guessing no, but is this possible?

The only thing I can think of in my head is for it to be a part of the xml page just hidden and then respond to the swipe gesture, but I’d rather have 2 xml views than one massive one.



My thoughts about this is to use a custom xml component that lies at the end of the page. (instead of writing one big xml file).
The custom component has the xml code for the next page,

And you want to listen to pan event, instead of swipe event. So that you can provide that smooth animation control, to let the user move his/her thumb upwards on the screen. And when the deltaY of the pan gesture crosses certain threshold, you can complete the animation.