Manage IOS provisioning and Certificates


Hi, I have a free account. I have my IPhone 10 connected to my PC, trying to get my first build going. In the Manage IOS provisioning and Certificates dialog I get:

Auto Generation Failed

An error has occured (spelling error is not mine!) while generating the certificate and mobile provision. Reason: . You should use the Certificate Signing Request tool to generate a certificate. Open it from: Tools -> Certificate Signing Request

Cant find Tools -> Certificate Signing Request on Sidekick. Must be referring to a Mac environment?
Anyhow, anyone knows how to get this resolved?


I’m a CLI user, but yes the certificate signing tool it refers is specific to Mac environment. Also when you are a free user, you must choose a really unique package name that no one ever used.


So, as a free user, one cannot develop on sidekick without a MAC?


Hello @Anoosh,

You can use the Sidekick cloud build feature to develop iOS apps on a Windows machine - the only limitation of the free user is that you have 100 cloud builds per month.

The Tools menu is located in the top menu of the Sidekick client. However, the Certificate Signing Request can be used to create a certificate and mobile provision only if you own a paid Apple Developer account. For more information on the entire process, check the Deploying iOS Apps Using NativeScript Sidekick—Paid Account Workflow (Paid refers to the Apple Developer account, not Sidekick).

If you do not have a paid Apple Developer account, you should check the Deploying iOS Apps Using NativeScript Sidekick—Free Account Workflow for more information.


Thank you for your response. Yes, I am a paid Apple developer. However, I can’t find “Tools” menu anywhere on the SideKick client. I must be blind! Hoping that I don’t have to by a mini just to create Certificate Signing Request


Here is an image of where exactly the Tools menu is located when running Sidekick on a Windows machine.

After creating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), you can follow the process described in the Deploying iOS Apps Using NativeScript Sidekick—Paid Account Workflow video to create certificate and provision in the Apple Developer Center.


Must have been blind! Thank you so much, also for the pointer on the Paid Account Workflow. It was great help.