Looking for gun NativeScript developer to convert Hybrid app to NS



I have a hybrid app that I want moved to NativeScript using best practice NS development and I am looking for someone who can do the job correctly and quickly. You must be an experienced NS developer as I will be reviewing the code.

The iOS and Android app utilises web services from a Sitefinity instance so you must be really confident in working with OData services.

The app is pretty simple and consists of:

Landing page with fluid button layout and image slider which promotes events.
Events list page with category filter
Event detail page with Google map
Blog list page
Blog detail page
Podcasts list page
Podcast detail page with audio and video playback
Contact page
Subscribe to our email newsletters form (new functionality not in current app).



…Sitefinity eh… :sunglasses:

Got a link to the current app in one of the stores?

One clear glaring issue I see is pulling in the RadEditor blog post content, will need to render in a WebView to show the html (bleh)


Hi Steve,

Here is the link to the app:

So all the content is in HTML (events, blog post, contact us page)… could
it be converted to a better format to avoid the use of webview?

When you review the app there are a few improvements that need to be made
as part of the migration:

Podcasts - add video, improve format, add search, move to using the odata
Add an email subscription form.
Add analytics of some sort (maybe Google???)
I think they want to remove the Facebook stream but not sure.



@sitefinitysteve so are you interested Steve?


hi @cleaves,
are you still looking for developer?