Local http server with nativescript & Angular


I am planning to migrate an Angular 1.5 application to Native script in order to get it in iOS and android.
my current application has client and ‘local server’ (using express from npm, and it is always ‘localhost’).

Any idea how can I achieve the last part - ‘local server’ using native script?

thanks a lot.


I’m searching on the web, for weeks, the only plugin that i found is made by honza:

check out:


I can’t understand the use case of local server, what functionality does provide the express server to you mobile app?
If your server provide a REST API, you can deploy your express server accessible from a url and called it from your NativeScript app using the http client.


Can be used to show phone files on network, build p2p comm or used to controle many microcontrollers, for example.


But then again you’d have an easier time implementing that with sockets.