Loading tabs are not proper when tabs are in the bottom


There is a weird use case when the tabs are in the bottom. Imagine we have three tabs. When app is loaded, first and second tab get loaded, but when you go through the second tab, third tab don’t get loaded.

As mentioned in the blog post :

One interesting thing about the TabView is how it handles (un)loading of each TabViewItem’s view. When the TabView is first loaded, it loads up all of the items’ views right then. However, as you navigate through the tabs, it starts unloading tabs that are more than one tab away from the presently selected tab, as well as loading any tabs that are only one tab away that have been unloaded

Also When tabs are in the bottom, always unload tabs. (But when the tabs are in the top, it doesn’t unload the nearest tab.) Is there any options to managing these loading and unloading views?