Livesync not working


I created a new project with $ tns create myapp, then $ tns build android and finally $ tns run.

This gets the basic “Tap the button” template up and running in a virtual device. Then I try to change some text in app/main-page.xml to have “Click the button” instead, and I get the following output in the terminal:

ActivityManager: Killing 27690:org.nativescript.thistry/u0a163 (adj 0): stop org.nativescript.thistry
ActivityManager: setHasOverlayUi called on unknown pid: 27690
Successfully installed on device with identifier 'emulator-5554'.
Successfully transferred main-page.xml.
Refreshing application...
Successfully synced application org.nativescript.thistry on device emulator-5554.

The application re-launches in the virtual device, but nothing has changed. The problem is the same for CSS styles, and other views I create.

In order to get the changes reflected I have to kill the $ tns run process, then $ tns build android and $tns run again. Repeat this for every single change I want to see reflected in the application.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

$ tns --version --> 4.1.2
Android SDK API level --> 27


Turns out my AVD was running on API Level 28, so I just deleted it, and created a new one on API level 27. Now it works perfectly.