Livesync for sqlite.db


I am having a problem with livesync and NativeScript-Sqlite.

My setup is NativeScript with Angular for an Android emulator (API 27) on Windows and VSCode.
Following the tutorial I put the database in the the app folder and I got to the point where I can access the database on the android emulator.

However whenever I change the content of the database file, these changes do not make it into the app on Android. Changes I make to other (.ts)-files do appear in the Android emulator.
I would expect, that whenever I change a file within the development app folder, this file is livesynced to the app on the emulator.

When I look into the platform folder, I can see the database appear in the following locations:
\platforms\android\app\src\main\assets\app\sqlite.db and
The first one gets updated whenever the original file changes, but the second one does not get updated.

Has anybody an idea how to resolve this issue? Or is there something basic, I am not aware of?