ListView support for sublist items


Hi everybody. I’m trying to translate an app I built in python+kivy into nativescript+angular2.
So far the translation has been smooth though these are very different technologies. The original app has a listview which has items that can be expanded into sublist as shown in the giff. Not all items in the listview have this behaviour, but only those that contain data. I’ve got the listview in place in the nativescript version of the app at the moment but I have no idea of how to make it behave the same as the original app. If you guys could give me some guidance towards the solution, that would be greatly appreciated.



Did you try nativescript-accordion plugin?


Hi manojdcoder thank you for the quick reply. No, I have not tried accordion but I will and then let you guys know if that will do it for this app.



Well, I just took a look at it and that’s not quite what I need. If I have understood the docs correctly, all the items will be expandable which is not what I want. what I need is to be able to have a list where only those items that have related data be expandable when clicked. If there is no way as of now to do what I am trying to accomplish that’s fine. By the way, I have been able to translate 90% of the app and this issue is the one that that’s got me stuck from finishing it.