ListView scroll up on list filter change


I have a ListView on a page working fine. I also have a list picker with categories above the list. When you select a category I have a changeEvent fire that filters the list. All of that works. However, if the list was scrolled up on a previous view, then filtered, I would like the list to scroll up. I have found the method used to programmatically scroll the list, but I cannot seem to figure out how to call it after the list filters. The android portion of this code works, but not the ios.

scrollList() {

        this._listView = <ListView>"classlistview");   
        if ( {
         else {

Any idea how I would get that to work?


Simply use this. _listView.scrollToIndex(0) to scroll list to top.


I know that, but how do I fire it after the filter event? Or can I do a check for a change event on the list?


Simply call the function or fireEvent, until seeing the code can’t say much on how.