ListView items without item tap


Hi there, I’m trying to create a list view for display purposes only, and am thus not attaching tap events to the list items - but the items are still animated with the tap event handlers even though nothing happens. Is there a way to make lists unclickable? My list is purely for display purposes and doesn’t require clicking/tap action.


This SO question has to do with styling listview items on tap, which sounds similar to the problem you’re having. You may need to override a different style than what is mentioned here but maybe this helps:


Thanks! But seems this is only for iOS though, I need for Android too - and also in JS as I struggle with TypeScript. Do you have a solution?


In NS+Angular, I have a GridLayout as parent for each template inside the ListView, I put (tap)=“null” on it and there is not more tap effect on Android devices. I suppose an equivalent solution exists for NS core.


Will try it and get back to you, thanks! :slight_smile:


Didn’t work. It’s okay though, will check out the nested list view p