ListView is not scrolling when i use in <scrollView>


<ScrollView class="page">
		<StackLayout height="200" backgroundColor="blue">
			<Label text="part One" style="color:white;" verticalAlignment="middle" horizontalAlignment="center"></Label>
			<ListView class="list-group" [items]="countries" (itemTap)="onItemTap($event)" style="height:1250px">
				<ng-template let-country="item">
					<FlexboxLayout flexDirection="row" class="list-group-item">
						<Image [src]="country.imageSrc" class="thumb img-circle"></Image>
						<Label [text]="" class="list-group-item-heading" verticalAlignment="center" style="width: 60%"></Label>

this is the playground url


ListView itself is a scrollable content you are not supposed to wrap it inside ScrollView again. But you can achieve what you are looking using GridLayout, by placing label at top with auto and let ListView take rest of space.