Listview inside scrollview


I have big page with scroll-view. I can scroll down without any problem but when I add listview inside that,just page scroll-view works! I can’t scroll inside listview.
Please help me to solve this problem.


I believe that ListView will scroll itself, you don’t need to nest it in a ScrollView. Can you try?


Yes, but my page is too long like a blog post with all comments. List-view shows comments but at the end of blog post(for example after 200 line).
When I put list-view bottom and outside of a long scroll-view , nothing was happened (I can’t see list-view at the bottom of scroll-view)
I think I have to use simple repeater instead of list-view Is it right?

Thank you in advance


For that long of a data set, I wouldn’t use a repeater for performance reasons. I’m having trouble visualizing the page you’re describing on a mobile device…can you provide some screen shots?


Hi, have you found a solution? I have a very similar scenario and issue.


You may explicitly define height for your ListView (if your list item height is fixed then it should as simple as number of items * height for single item), so it won’t be scrollable itself and be part of the parent scroll view.