ListView image conflict when width and height is set


I’m using NativeScript with Angular. I have a list view that is rendering some json data. When I set the width and height property to my Image tag, it make some problem. Then when I scroll down, first it loads previous images, and then changes to the real images. (Without width and height, it works perfect, and when I scroll, first it’s blank, the the real images get loaded.)

Here is my code:

<ListView [items]="europianCountries" class="list-group">
    <ng-template let-country="item" let-i="index" let-odd="odd" let-even="even">
        <GridLayout class="list-group-item">
                    <Image width="100" height="100" stretch="aspectFill" id="item" (tap)="onItemTap($event)" (pinch)="onPinch($event)" [src]="''+country.post_picture_time"></Image>

Any idea?