ListView - Buggy rendering on iOS with sampleGroceries



Hi everyone,

I start using NativeScript and start with “Getting Start Guide”. I have an render issue with Groceries ListView on iOS and obtain that :

So to be sure I was not making a mistake with the code I download the final sampleGroceries project on github but obtain the same issue.

I have tested with iOS simulator only but with iPhone X - iOS 11.2 and iPhone 7 Plus - iOS 10.3.1.

Thank you for your information about his if you can.


I think I have seen this on simulator. It does look ok on device; perhaps give it a try? We just rewrote this app in the Playground if you’d like to try it on device without messing with provisioning profiles:


Thank @jen.looper for your reply, I have tested playground which is a beautiful tool to start with nativescript but in this groceries samples it used RadListView and tested with it on physical device was working. Trying to implement the original tutorial version on it but unable to make it work. Maybe I’ll try it again later.
Thank’s for your help.