Listening to time change on datetimepicker


I’m trying to implement a datetimepicker, and so I figured that I could do this on iOS by natively changing the default mode on the DatePicker component like this:
datepicker.ios.datePickerMode = UIDatePickerModeDateAndTime;
The major issue now is listening to a change on the time fields. Since the available properties on DatePicker are day, month, year, and date, propertyChange event is only triggered on a date change.
Any idea how to attach an event listener natively? Or alternatively, where can I see a list of available working event names for Nativescript to try?


The best source of inspiration on how to proceed with extending the ios UIDatePicker are the tns-core-modules.

This is for example how changes in the Date Picker are tracked - - a change handler ObjC class called UIDatePickerChangeHandlerImpl is created, and it takes care of all available date picker components -

You could consider toying around with the tns-core-modules code, or copy-pasting theirs into your project and modifying it for your own purposes.