Latest Sidekick won't start


I keep getting a dialog that tells me I need the latest tns cli, but I have it already installed. Sidekick won’t get beyond that dialog. I’m on a Mac.

It appears running the latest to get the latest cli does not update the cli


Hey @bradrice,

I’ve noticed from the provided screenshot that you have installed NativeScript 4.1 and Sidekick requires 4.2 - the digits in both numbers are very similar and I got confused as well.

Is it possible for you to update to 4.2.1 and try again running Sidekick?

Best regards,


Yes, for some reason, I couldn’t get 4.2.1 to install, but I noticed today when I tried to run a nativescript update that 4.2.2 would install. And now Sidekick is back and running for me. Thanks for checking in.