Label textWrap/Multi-line does not work



TextWrap doesnt seem to work in a listview


<ListView items="{{ posts }}" > 
                                	<StackLayout backgroundColor="white">
                                       <GridLayout rows="50,50, auto" columns="auto, auto" class="layout">
                                       		<image src="~/images/adv-logo.jpg" class="prof-pic" rowSpan="2" col="0" />
                                           <label text="{{ fromWho }}" class="info_fromWho" textWrap="true" row="0" col="1" />
                                           <label text="{{ date }}" class="info_date" textWrap="true" row="0" col="1" />
                                           <label text="{{ title }}" class="info info_advtitle" textWrap="true" row="1" col="1" />
                                           <label text="{{ message }}" class="info info_advdesc" textWrap="true" row="1" col="1" />


try to give a label width, it looks like it goes out of screen


Thanks that helped! :slight_smile: