Kinvey: Push Notifications using Kinvey SDK?


Hi there, is there anyone who has a working example about sending Push Notifications using Kinvey Nativescript SDK?

Any help will be appreciated.



Hey @relez,

This isn’t something you can do with the Kinvey SDK (yet), but you can use the NativeScript push plugin, and the Kinvey docs walk you though how to do that at


Hi @tjvantoll, thanks for your reply and your hard work on Nativescript,

I have been reading that doc from Kinvey website and first issue I deal with is the import of Push in the first line of their example,

import { Push } from 'kinvey-nativescript-sdk/push';

It gives me an error that says: Cannot find module kinvey-nativescript-sdk/push

So I guess the documentation is ahead of the releases? :stuck_out_tongue:

If there a way to know when this feature will be available? Our company is facing the problem on migrating the old cordova apps and telerik backend services to new platform (nativescript/kinvey backend services).



Well, huh, I learned something new :smile:

I just tried this out in a new app and you’re absolutely right—the module isn’t there. I created an issue so the Kinvey team sees this:

Thanks for reporting the problem here, and sorry it took us a while to get back with you.