Kinvey aggregation , file upload not at all working


see guys, im developing a retail application with kinvey. but simple queries like sum of the field i.ei just want to total all price in a price field. is not working… kinvey documentation is somewhat good but it wont work. simple image upload is not working i tried every possibility its 3 days waste of time always its store blank file with 0 bytes.

stricktly if i want to continue nativescript these people have to give very simple examples with lastest kinvey updates. otherwise with their old documentation and example even a simple app cant be made…kinvey has changed a lot for beginners u got it

im not asking u people to put additional features on nativescript. im just asking give proper and latest examples on kinvey . most importantly all query related examples… if i wont got any response to this within a week then ill consider its an invitation to quit nativescript.


Sorry that things are not working for you. I am part of Progress and would like to help you fix some of the issues you are facing. Let’s start by trying to get file uploads work. Can you share some sample code with me that you have tried but is not working?


sorry for my harsh words, i found solution for all those things, those problem i got while beginning with nativescript…

if u can help me. go through this

1> how to create pdf files with plain old javascript and nativescript(dont want examples in angular or typescript).
2> printing of pdf.
2> how to store images and files in google drive.
3> how to shrink image size while uploading (in range of 20 - 30 kb whatever image i upload).
4> how to give an option select path to save downloads.

i tried all these with plugins and in my own ways but everywhere i got stuck. its of no use…

i can share you my sample codes just give some time … meanwhile if u have any usefull links list please post it here ill go through all and ill try…