Kill app when pushed to background


Is there a way to kill an app on android if it is pushed to background?


Sure thing, read the article on Application Lifecycle in the official documentation -

You can register a handler for the suspended event, and call a helper function killProcess

var application = require("application");
application.on(application.suspendEvent, function (args) { 
   if ( { 
      // For Android applications, is an android activity class. 
      console.log("Activity: " +; 
   } else if (args.ios) { 
      // For iOS applications, args.ios is UIApplication. 
      console.log("UIApplication: " + args.ios); 
function killProcess(context) {
// finish current activity and all below it first
try {
} catch (e) {
 console.log("didn't terminate all activities")
// kill process

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Thanks man!!! worked like a charm.



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