Keep loosing edited files and updates created in after closing browser


I keep loosing changes and edits made on

I did a lot of work today, obviously saving the changes and testing via QR code on Nativescript Preview.

I then closed down my browser to reboot after some OSX updates. Once logged back in I restarted my browser went to and all my changes have gone. Although there are lots of project history, the latest isn’t showing the latest changes and additions. Even the NPM plugins for Google Maps has disappeared. Also folder with new files I created are also missing.

This isn’t the first time I have noticed this. I moved between a MacBook Pro and a Windows Laptop and notices that files that I was editing on the MAC were not visible on the Windows laptop.

I’m very annoyed as I have lost a lot of work today. I did download a copy to test under SideKick which is complete and up to date, but that version is not showing on the internet projects with the same up to date content. Whats gone wrong or going wrong.